The Northern European Conference on Sexuality Education Projects (NECSE) 2020 will take place in Wedemark / Hannover, Germany from the 9th to the 13th of April.

NECSE is an annual event of the International Federation of Medical Students‘ Associations which aims to connect national student-lead projects on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). Over the course of the weekend, representatives of the 14 Northern European member countries will be working on brainstorming campaign ideas, developing new and innovative methodological approaches, and gathering information on how to improve comprehensive sexuality education across Europe.

The themes

Navigating consent and desire is a seriously daunting task in 2020. Being able to create a consensual and pleasurable environment for you and your partner(s) can be an individual and communal task - fostering this environment and aiming to improve knowledge, strategies and concepts for this is one of our main goals as comprehensive sexuality educators.
We’ll try to address this not only offering theoretical input into this subject, but rather stimulate discussion among the participants and the speakers. Admitting one’s own shortcomings in that area while being able to create a sex-positive dialogue on these issues will be key in finding constructive approaches towards this subject highly influenced by changing (and hopefully improving) gender dynamics, #metoo and increasing demands on self-awareness and reflection.

Navigating those murky waters of consent has never been as easy as it seems to be in porn. Pornotopia leads us to believe that everybody is constantly willing, able and enthusiastic to have sex. But at what cost?
Together, we’ll discuss the changing porn industry, novel approaches to pornography and the question, whether porn can be feminist. Porn 2.0 necessitates an active dialogue not only inside the industry, but from a consumer’s perspective as well! We are looking forward to untangling this mysterious web of capitalist, patriarchal and misogynist interests involved in porn production and discuss ways of creating sex-positive, inclusive and non-discriminatory porn.